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Exciting Philadelphia Youth Workshop

Welcome to the Junior Broadcasters Philadelphia Youth Workshop! Designed for ages 10+, this workshop offers a thrilling introduction to Digital Literacy through live streaming and video production.


Participants will get hands-on experience, creating and producing their own shows using professional equipment. We aim to foster creativity, and leadership, empowering young minds to become confident digital creators.

Philadelphia Youth Workshop

Philly Youth Program Overview

Our Philly youth program kicks off with the basics of broadcasting, where participants will learn the foundational elements of creating a broadcast.

They will be guided through the process of conceptualizing and developing their own show ideas, turning their visions into reality.

This segment of the workshop emphasizes creativity in a supportive and interactive environment, encouraging each participant to contribute and shape their unique show.

We've worked with the Girl Scouts of central and Southern New Jersey

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Here's how it works.

In three steps we'll guide you from the basics of broadcasting to producing your own live show.


We begin with an engaging introduction to the world of live streaming and video production. Participants will get an overview of the program, understand the journey they're about to embark on and learn what to expect.


Next participants brainstorm and design their show, leveraging green screen technology for virtual set creation. Hands-On Production Practical training in camera, audio, and switcher operation, coupled with on-screen performance practice. Participants rotate roles for a full production experience.


Time to go LIVE! This is where their ideas, skills, and creativity come together in a practical setting. They will manage the entire production process, from operating the technical equipment to delivering on-screen performances. This step is the live broadcast of their show, viewable by friends & family. This not only showcases their newly acquired skills but also gives them a sense of accomplishment and a tangible product of their hard work.

David and his team were very professional and personable. They took a genuine interest in our company and took the time to learn about what we do and how we operate. He went above and the final product was beyond our expectations.

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Our Philly Workshops

Delve into the world of video production with our range of specialized workshops. Whether it’s a quick dive, a weekend adventure, an after-school activity, or an immersive summer program, we’ve got the perfect fit for your broadcasting aspirations. Each workshop is designed to provide hands-on experience, foster creativity, and develop technical skills in a fun and engaging environment

One-Day Workshop

Broadcasting Blitz: One-Day Intensive Workshop

Perfect for a comprehensive, fast-paced introduction to broadcasting. Ideal for schools or organizations looking for a unique one-day educational experience.

  • Details: 8 hours of immersive learning covering everything from camera basics to live show production.

After-School Program

After-School Broadcasters Club

Extend learning beyond the classroom with our after-school program. Spread over several weeks, this workshop is perfect for steady and progressive learning in video production.

  • Details: held once or twice a week, culminating in a final broadcast project. Ideal for students who want to engage in a continuous learning experience.

Weekend Workshop

Weekend Warriors: Two-Day Broadcasting Workshop

Dive deeper into the world of video

production over a weekend. This workshop allows more time for a detailed exploration of each aspect of broadcasting.

  • Details: Spanning Saturday and Sunday, participants will develop, rehearse, and perform their own broadcast show.

Summer Program

Summer Broadcasting Camp

Our most extensive workshop offering, the summer camp provides an in-depth exploration of broadcasting, from pre-production planning to final live stream production.

  • Details: A multi-week program offering a mix of technical training, creative development, and practical experience. Participants will create and produce a series of shows, honing their skills over the summer break.

Ready to embark on your broadcasting journey? Choose the workshop that suits your schedule and interests, and join us for an unforgettable experience in the world of video production. Sign up now or contact us for more information!


Fun & Educational For Children

Our workshop is super fun and cool, children can dive into the exciting world of video production, turning learning into an enjoyable experience. It's a perfect blend of education and entertainment, where young minds can unleash their creativity and learn valuable skills in a lively and engaging environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the youth discover and grow their creative talents in digital literacy via live streaming and video production. We provide a platform where children can explore and express their creativity by offering a fun and exciting way to learn about making shows, both in front of the camera and behind it. Our ultimate goal is to empower children to confidently express their creativity and explore their potential in the digital world, whether behind the scenes or in front of the camera."

Skill Building for Philly Youth

Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Leadership Skills
Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Creative Thinking
Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Communication Skills
Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Problem solving
Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Teamwork
Philadelphia Youth Workshop
✓ Confidence


Philadelphia Youth Workshop

1300 South Columbus Blvd.
Ste. 1167 Philadelphia, PA 19147

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