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Meet David

Owner / CEO of Beyfilmz Media

Hello, my name is:


My name is David Bey Owner & CEO of Beyfilmz Media. My video production company was founded in February of 2018. This is my story.
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My story begins…

Started Beyfilmz Media a Video Production Company in Feb. 2018

Designing my services on a foundation of integrity and authenticity, I am a renowned digital-based entrepreneur who possesses both the skill and passion necessary to help accentuate the screen viewing experience. As the Founder and Owner of Beyfilmz Media, I have an extensive background involving the intricacies of advanced video production, live event streaming along with 360 virtual tour optimization, and enjoy leveraging that history to continuously instill positive impacts across the granular and modern-societal scales.

Certificate of completion at Flexographic Technical Association 

Born with an innate work ethic, resilience, and adaptability, I have built a strong inventory of industry progression that has ultimately led me to launch my live streaming and video production company, Beyfilmz Media. To date, I have 15+ years of experience working as a Machine Operator and have earned several certifications, including my first Operator Certification and Certificate of Completion at Flexographic Technical Association. However, with my second passion for video production prevalent, it became the catalyst for me to also complete many online courses covering the dynamics of live streaming and simultaneously receive my Certification of Completion at Virtual Tour Pro in 360º Photography for Virtual Tours.

With this as my base, alongside seeing the rising demand for this multi-centric field, I began Beyfilmz Media with a primary focus on standard video production ranging from marketing relations to weddings. Amid the pandemic and seeing the rise in virtual option requests, it inspired us to include virtual tours and virtual reality content within our service scope as well. Today, Beyfilmz Media has since become a full-scale resource with a core specialization in live streaming support (in coincidence with the other baseline services) and has also expanded to include remote training using virtual reality and immersive-rich headset utilization to optimize the user experience.

Certified Virtual Tour Pro in 360º Photography 

As a dynamic individual driven by mission excellence, I have a genuine ardency for translating streaming, virtual touring, and video production objectives into captivating realities and doing so all while ensuring everyone involved has positive experiences along the way. Overall, I fully enjoy cultivating meaningful and immersive experiences and demonstrate that by offering strategically tailored services that solidify successful (and memorable) outcomes every time. This, in conjunction with my motivating energy to exceed expectations and reputation for overcoming obstacles to foster win-win scenarios, is what shaped me into the forward-thinking professional I am today – one who continuously strives to raise the standards bar for my cross-functional team, our clients, and the industry as a whole.

From live streaming to help promote to individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to virtual tour services that help advance brokerage films and developers, I love what I do and am always seeking ways to advance within this ever-evolving field to deliver my clients the opulent results they deserve. In fact, part of that ongoing effort led to the investment of the 360 technologies that allowed us to create virtual tours/explorations of physical places and different real estate locations remotely. However, when I am not working, you can often find me traveling, spending time with family, and helping others in need whenever I can.

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