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9 Tips to Set Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Apart

Updated: May 10

Trade shows are one of the best avenues for brands and videography for businesses to promote their products and services to potential clients. They are a great platform that are traditionally used in an in-person venue where the audience can interact with your brand physically and personally. But due to the shift in the past year or so, virtual trade booths have become the norm. They allow businesses to reach out to prospective customers and generate leads using the virtual format.

If your brand is using this platform to promote your business, then you are in luck, as we’ve put together virtual booths ideas that will help you stand out from the rest.

Tips to Set Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Apart

Virtual Booths Ideas That Stand Out

Are you ready to get your virtual trade show booth noticed? Here are virtual booth ideas that you can incorporate into your virtual trade show to ensure you stand out.

Brand Yourself Before the Event

The success of your virtual trade show booth lies in the groundwork that you have established before the actual event. If you have decided to participate in a particular event, generate curiosity among your target audience by promoting the event early. Your goal is to pique their interest and get as many attendees as you can.

Start this promotion about a month or two prior to the event, you can use your social media platforms to drum up publicity. If you have a large community to begin with, make sure to leverage that so you can generate fanfare for the upcoming virtual trade show. You can also coordinate with event organizers and get your brand mentioned alongside their own promotion for the hybrid event.

Know Your Audience

Another secret to a trade show booth that stands out is to know your audience. This is the secret to getting them to attend the virtual trade show! Make sure to do research about your online demographic. Discover what they like, where they spend most of their time, their ages, and locations, etc. The goal is to gather enough data to provide insight into how you can tailor your promotion to get them excited about this upcoming event videography.

In addition, understanding your audience will also help you develop a winning product showcase on your virtual trade show booth. After all, getting them to attend the virtual reality event is only half of your goal.

Know the Event

Aside from your audience, you must also understand what the event is about. This will help you gain a full understanding of the target demographic for the event so you can properly align that with how you present your virtual trade booth.

The purpose of the trade show is to expose your brand (as well as its products and services) to as many potential leads as possible. Make sure your trade show is geared to cater to your audience. You need to use this platform in order to bring in new leads, so knowing the purpose of the event is one step you can take to achieve that.

Make Your Virtual Trade Show Booth Visually Appealing

When you set up your virtual trade show booth, always put your best foot forward. A visually appealing trade booth is one of the best ways for you to stand out. You might think that this is only relevant in a traditional trade show event, but it also applies in a virtual setting.

Present your trade show booth using a visually appealing palette so the audience will want to engage with your brand. Aside from a visually appealing booth, you must also provide a handful of resources for your target audience. Just as you would distribute pamphlets, flyers, and other advertising tools in a physical booth, you must also provide a range of information online for your attendees to access.

Host an Educational Session

Don’t forget what your virtual trade show is about – to educate your target audience about your products or services. Make sure you have an educational session or presentation as part of the virtual trade show. Even if it’s an educational presentation, keep it creative, fun and engaging. You would not want to bore your audience with a lengthy tutorial or how-to guide on your brand or products.

The goal is to offer value to your audience and let them see your products come to life. It is a great way to get a conversation going with your audience.

Make Your Virtual Show Communication Open

Your virtual trade show booth must be open for questions and other forms of communication from your audience. Throughout the event, keep your communication lines open. Encourage your audience to interact and to ask questions.

Exceed Audience Expectations

When setting up a virtual trade show booth, you should always strive to exceed the expectations of your audience. Be creative in your presentation. Use interactive tools to present your products or services. From infographics to statistics and customer testimonials, there are a lot of materials you can use to pique the attention of your target audience. Make them feel good when walking away from the event.

Give Your Attendees Gifts

It is a common branding strategy to distribute promotional materials or distribute giveaways to your audience or attendees at a trade show event. You can still do the same with a virtual trade show.

Sending virtual gifts will help your brand stand out and keep your brand in the back of the audience’s mind. You can give out event-specific gifts or virtual gift cards. You can also give the attendees an opportunity to be entered into a raffle where they can win a massive gift!

Virtual Booths Ideas That Stand Out

Follow-Up Thoughtfully

Your work does not end once the virtual trade show has wrapped up. Add value to your efforts with a creative and thoughtful follow-up. Keep your outreach interesting and helpful. Make sure the message is personalized for your leads and that the communication will prove beneficial to them.


The best way to make your virtual trade show booth stand out is by using your creativity. The above virtual booths ideas should help you get started, but you can be as creative as you wish. It takes an understanding of your audience to win them over and for your brand to achieve its goal for the event.

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