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Why You Might Need Wedding Streaming Services For Your Big Day

It’s different these days, but there was a time when planning a wedding meant choosing a venue, caterer, and all the other essentials for your big day. But due to the current restrictions that limit movement of people, there are some guests who might not be able to travel to your intended venue to physically attend your wedding. For this reason, wedding streaming services have become the norm. It makes it possible for people who are located outside of your immediate area to participate in your wedding ceremony virtually.

Finding a reliable wedding streaming service is crucial in order to make your big day memorable, especially for the ones who cannot be with you at the venue. It is critical for them to be a part of this celebration and to make your special day even more memorable.

Why You Need Wedding Streaming Services

If you are traditional, you might be opposed to the idea of live-streaming your wedding. But as mentioned earlier, times are different now and there are certain circumstances that are out of our control. You can hire wedding streaming services to make the special people in your life be a part of your big day, even if they can’t attend.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider streaming your wedding.

1. You want the ceremony to be intimate.

Intimate weddings are the new norm these days due to the fact that massive social gatherings are highly discouraged. Therefore, you can keep the number of in-person attendees to your wedding as intimate as possible – anywhere from 25 to 50 people, depending on the size of the venue.

This means that your immediate family members and the bridal entourage are the only ones that can attend your wedding on-site. However, the rest of your closest friends and relatives can join the ceremony and the celebration virtually via a live-streaming service.

They can celebrate with you even if you are physically distanced from them. It also helps you follow the existing health and safety protocols.

2. You can have a keepsake of your wedding.

Unlike the same day edit of your wedding day, live-streaming is more raw and authentic. It is a great way for you to experience the events of your big day through another lens. This will also give your virtual guests the opportunity to be part of every moment on your big day as it happens, just like they are physically there with you.

Why You Need Wedding Streaming Services

3. Your guests can attend, even if their schedules don’t match your wedding date.

This could happen to anyone – your wedding day falls on the same day as an important business trip or a personal appointment for one of your most important guests. For those guests who won’t be able to attend your wedding for one reason or another, live-streaming your big day is the next best thing.

Even with conflicting schedules, you can still bring the experience of your wedding celebration to them via the live-streaming service.

Tips for Live-Streaming Your Wedding

Live-streaming your wedding is not as easy as it seems. While you can definitely live-stream using your smartphone, it won’t give you the best result. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using wedding streaming services in order to make your big day unforgettable.

  • Work with a professional live-streaming service. There are plenty of videography teams out there that you can hire that specialize in covering weddings. They are equipped with professional videography equipment to capture your big day and to stream it live for your virtual guests. By hiring a professional team to live-stream your wedding, you can guarantee that they have everything covered, and you can just focus on enjoying your day.

  • Choose the best equipment and technology. If you don’t hire a professional, you have to search for a rental service for video equipment and technology (if you don’t already have it). As said earlier, you should not rely only on your smartphone to capture the wedding; that is, if you want quality results you can enjoy for years to come.

  • Coordinate with the venue. It is important that you coordinate with the venue and other vendors about your live stream coverage. This will ensure that every aspect of your wedding goes smoothly during your live-stream.

  • Choose someone to be in charge of the live stream. If you are going for the DIY route, when it comes to live-streaming your wedding, be sure to designate someone to be in charge of the live-stream. They will be responsible for making sure that the stream goes well and address any issues that come up.

  • Check the technology. A reliable internet connection is the most important element when it comes to live-streaming your wedding. Make sure to test the connection beforehand to ensure that your live-stream doesn’t cut at the midpoint. If possible, make sure you have a backup internet connection.

Tips for Live-Streaming Your Wedding

Choosing a Live-Streaming Service

The moment you decide to live-stream your wedding, you have an important decision to make: who will be doing the live-stream?

If you are on a tight budget, you can DIY the live-stream on a variety of live-streaming platforms out there. You can even use the live streaming features on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, if you want to do it for free. There are also live-streaming apps that are available if you want to keep your live-stream private and accessible only to your guests. Most of these apps are available for free or at a minimal price.

If you choose professional wedding streaming services, you can get a more comprehensive coverage for your big day. A professional videographer can set up a dedicated website for your wedding. Your virtual guests will be provided a link to this website where they can view your live wedding event online.

Based on these two options, you can choose how to live-stream your wedding according to your budget and the quality of video coverage you want to achieve.

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