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What Makes a Great Business Videographer in Philadelphia?

Updated: May 10

top business videographers in Philadelphia PA

If you’re a local Philadelphia business owner, you’re probably looking to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for better marketing, brand awareness, or for internal team content, videography is a great option to grow.

Once you decide on video, you may be wondering, “what makes a great business videographer”, especially in Philadelphia.

Today we’re going to cover types of equipment, priorities for hiring, and the overall video team that you’re looking to hire for your company.

What Type of Business Video?

Before starting your search for a business videographer in Philadelphia, it’s best to understand what you’re using this video for. There is a big difference between an external marketing push and internal training ideas and videos. Do you want to hire the same video production company for both of those jobs?

Some types of video could include:

  • Promotional videos

  • Marketing videos for online ads (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

  • Internal training videos

  • Client onboarding informational videos

The sky is the limit here, because as we always say “video is the content king”.

What Makes a Great Business Videographer in Philadelphia

Quality Video Equipment

It’s amazing how technology has advanced since the first cameras and phones of the 20th century. Even with iPhones being able to take HD video, there are a lot of other factors to consider when it comes to quality video equipment.

Here are some of the other main factors that you can only achieve when choosing a team with the best video gear:

  1. Zoom capabilities: Many phones and low end video cameras have great quality in standard zoom, but as soon as you try to get close up or zoom out, that goes out the window. Business videos need close ups and variable zoom options to really shine.

  2. Reliability: Everything is going great! You have your whole crew on point, everyone is dressed the part, and you’re ready to film. Then just like that, your camera app won’t load. Or maybe you do get a great shot, and your battery dies halfway through the session, or the file on your computer looks totally different than what you saw on the screen. In business, time is money. You need professionals with gear you can count on.

A Full Business Video Suite

We’ve established that video is king, and you need a reliable provider with great gear. But what about additional services? Beyfilmz is proud to be well connected in the PA and Philly area, and can help you find auxiliary services on the spot.

The short list of these service provides includes:

Professional Videography Team

So what else makes a great videographer? At Beyfilmz, we’re proud of our industry leading video team. Other Philadelphia business videographers look to us to set the standard.

Here is what we believe it takes to be an amazing team member:

  1. Professionalism: The quality of your work is your top priority. You’re making an investment in your business, and we’re here to show up for you with a video that you can use for years to come.

  2. Punctuality: Time is money, especially in business. We’re proud of our punctuality, and will keep an excellent level of communication so you know exactly what to expect.

  3. Easy To Work With: None of the above matters if there’s a level of discomfort or disconnection. You have to be able to work with your team with ease to get the best shot.

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