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Hybrid Event Production Solutions: How to Increase Audience Engagement

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Virtual events have become the new normal since the pandemic era. Businesses, individuals, and other types of organizations had to adapt quickly in order to manage events with success. As we continue to navigate the challenges of this new digital era, it is important to find ways to engage with both virtual and physical audiences. This is where hybrid event solutions come into the picture.

In this guide, you will learn more about how you can maximize their services so that you can make your event a successful one.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Before we talk about audience size or engagement, what IS a hybrid event? Hybrid events utilize technology to create an in-person and virtual audience experience. These events can take on any form, according to what suits your intended purpose for hosting it. For example, it could be a conference, trade show, workshop, wedding or seminar. It can even be a promotional event for a new product launching, brand announcements, and so on.

As the name suggests, a hybrid event combines a virtual and in-person audience. This method of hosting events enables the organizer to reach a larger audience, especially since there are many areas worldwide that still impose limitations on the number of attendees for large events and social gatherings.

These events offer plenty of advantages for the hosting organization. First, you can reach a much larger audience since you won’t be limited by the geographic scope of your audience. And second, it allows people who are unable to attend the live event, whether physically or virtually, to view it at a later time, especially if you provide links to the event on your website or social media.

Hybrid events provide lots of opportunities to the organizations. However, they also present unique challenges that should be met with proper planning and strategy. Hybrid event solutions are the best way to cope with these challenges and ensure that you can satisfy your event objectives.

best hybrid event platforms what is a hybrid event
How Your Hybrid Event Could Be Streamed

How to Increase Audience Engagement

One of the biggest challenges faced by event organizers when hosting hybrid events is in terms of engaging the audience. Since you are dealing with two audience types, it can be a challenge to find an approach that will work with both.

However, it is not rocket science. There are tried and tested strategies and innovative technology that will keep your audience engaged.

1. Encourage the audience to ask questions during the hybrid event

Prior to and during the event, encourage the audience to ask questions. This should be done for both in-person and virtual attendees. There should be a platform that will enable in-person and virtual attendees to send their questions.

When the audience is given the opportunity to ask questions, it will keep them more engaged as there is a possibility that their concerns will be addressed during the event. It is also a great way to increase the level of audience participation.

2. Add gamification techniques to your hybrid event

The use of a gamification strategy is another foolproof way to increase audience engagement for your hybrid event. Playing games is fun; people of all ages become more engaged when there are game elements involved. This is not a novel idea to boost audience engagement since it is commonly used as “icebreakers” for conferences and seminars.

You can gamify the hybrid event by holding competitions for the audience to participate in. Another technique to use is to hold treasure hunting events. The prospect of earning rewards and prizes can give the audience added motivation to participate.

3. Track audience engagement with live polling

Even if your virtual and in-person audience is willing to engage, not everyone is actually able to (due to time restrictions, for example). One way that they can participate is via a live online poll. You can ask your audience to answer the poll on a specific topic. The poll gives you the opportunity to gain an insight into their opinion about that topic, and it can be a point of discussion during the hybrid event.

4. Facilitated networking to establish connections within participants.

The in-person and virtual audience can be more engaged when they have the opportunity to forge connections with other members of the audience. This is a great technique to increase engagement when you are hosting professional or business events, or even trade shows. The audience members will want to take advantage of the opportunity to network. Make sure to provide all attendees with a platform or tools to connect with each other.

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GPDC Live Conference Steamed in Hybrid

Benefits of Hybrid Event Solutions

Hybrid events are nothing to fear. If this is your first time hosting such an event, you can find companies that specialize in offering hybrid event solutions so you can tap the power of video production and live-streaming to your advantage. The right company can help you reach audiences worldwide and achieve your goals for hosting a hybrid event.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to work with a solutions provider for your next hybrid event:

  • You can guarantee that the live-streaming event is done professionally. You have a team working together before, during, and after the production to ensure that the event is available online.

  • You can also access additional services such as promotional and marketing videos so you can get more people to participate in your hybrid event. An increased audience attendance is the first step to a successful event.

  • You can customize the format of the hybrid event to suit the intended audience, platform, and your goals.

  • You can learn about various techniques for delivering a phenomenal production that will keep your audience engaged.

Are you seeking to raise funds for your non-profit organization? Do you want to maximize reach for a new product launching for your brand? No matter what your goal is, make sure to use technology to your advantage through video & hybrid event production and live-streaming. This gives you the opportunity to break through geographic and physical barriers and expand your audience reach.

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