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Hybrid Event Examples You'll Want to Copy

Updated: May 10

Hybrid events are the new norm, and event planners and businesses need to master how to plan this particular event to maximize its benefits. Although many companies and businesses are attempting to pivot back to traditional in-person events, there are certain limitations that accompany this move. This is why hybrid events are the best solution if you want to extend the reach of your event. If you are scared to jump into this trend, you can learn from a few examples of hybrid events and take a few pointers that will help make your event a success.

5 Best Examples of Hybrid Events

The best way to know and adopt the best practices when it comes to planning and organizing a hybrid event is to learn from those that have done it successfully. Here is a list of the best examples of hybrid events so you can gain some ideas on how to properly execute your next event.

Empower 21

Empower 21 is a Christian conference, which was one of the first few hybrid events to take place in 2021. It was held in Texas in February with an in-person attendance along with a virtual audience. The latter were provided a link to the virtual event platform that would enable them to follow the speakers and interact with other virtual guests throughout the event.

Meanwhile, the safety and health protocols were strictly implemented for the on-site guests. Everyone who attended was required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. The same format will still be implemented in 2022 when the next conference will make a return to the Irving Convention Center in Texas.

Best Examples of Hybrid Events

#FinCon is a digital marketing event that is designed for personal finance professionals and content creators. When it was launched in September, it was considered one of the best examples of hybrid events due to its ability to successfully manage both in-person and virtual guests.

The organizers of #FinCon went above and beyond to maintain a high level of interaction and engagement among its virtual audience. First and foremost, the presentations from the speakers were easily accessible to both the virtual and in-person audiences. There were also channels made available to facilitate ease of networking among those who attended the event.

The small group discussions and meet-ups were not limited to the in-person guests; they were also made available for the virtual audience via chat or video calls. The seamless integration of the hybrid events made this event a model to follow.

Apple’s Special Events

Apple is a company that is known for its innovation and for setting the standards for success. Their special events during the past year or so are no exception to this. They continue to exemplify how they are ahead of the curve by properly executing their hybrid events.

The Apple Special Events have been available through live-streaming, even since before the pandemic. They use the live stream technology when launching new products or technologies into the market.

In 2019, they were able to successfully stage a hybrid event, even before it became a norm in the pandemic era. The event gathered 1,000 in-person attendees and up to 2 million in virtual audience. The in-person and virtual audience tuned in to Tim Cook as he presented the latest line of products from Apple – the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone 11 at that time.

Since then, they have continued to set the bar high for hosting hybrid events like this one. The fact that up to 99.95% of the audience are virtual is no small feat, and they’re a model to follow when maximizing reach with a remote audience.

Wonder Women Tech

In 2021, Wonder Women Tech decided to organize a hybrid event, changing from its usual in-person format. The venue was at the Long Beach Convention Center, and it featured safety precautions and a wide-open arena to maintain safe distancing among attendees. This also helped to ensure limited interaction among in-person guests.

The organizers also relied on turnkey onsite facilities in order to boost interactivity for the event, especially for the virtual attendees. There were various strategies employed to boost engagement, such as social media integration, live chat, and remote interactions. There were both live-stream and on-demand content made available for interested individuals.

examples of hybrid events you can adopt

WEC Grapevine

In 2020, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) took the leap and launched their first hybrid event with WEC Grapevine. The decision to pursue a hybrid event was in part due to MPI’s commitment to aid in the recovery of their profession. As part of the event, the team outlined a so-called “Duty of Care Plan.” The goal for this was to ensure that all in-person activities were done in a safe environment to ensure the health and safety of their attendees.

By organizing this event and maintaining health and safety standards, MPI was able to demonstrate how to conduct business meetings and events safely. They also utilized the limited information that was available to them at that time in order to make critical choices and to work within the realities of the situation. The WEC Grapevine event was presented both in-person and virtually, which was the first of its kind at that time.

The organizers of the event did not sacrifice anything in terms of the quality of the content delivered to the audience: there was educational content, entertainment, food and beverage, and participatory activities, as well. They made it possible through clear and constant communication with suppliers and vendors, along with the cooperation from the attendees who observed the safety protocols.

This was truly one of the best examples of hybrid events, especially for people who produce events. The total number of attendees was recorded at 1,739. 608 of these were in-person and the rest were virtual attendees. In the 2021 version of the event, MPI decided to stick with the hybrid format, banking on the success of the previous year’s event.

As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, hybrid events are expected to continue even after the lifting of health and safety protocols. The benefits of hosting hybrid events are clear-cut, and many organizers and organizations will want to take advantage of them.

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